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We want the perfect taste

Snacking, parties and teenagers are the ones that go really well together. Different flavors for snacks and sauces, as well as ready made sauces for your indulgence.

Nowadays young people are active, fast and connected, all this explains the success of snack products, but as is the case for every product, in order to be successful, they have to be tasty and available in a wide array of flavors. We dare you to make a step forward with the help of our seasonings and spice mixes.

We offer: seasonings, flavoring mixes with pieces of vegetables, spices and herbs, savory flavors, savoury pastry fillings


Only the best for all the Industries

We are proud that we have been contributing to the development of the food industry from Romania, since 1995. As a partner of food industry producers from Romania, we offer a complete range of semimanufactured goods, ingredients and flavors, as well as the necessary know-how with recipes, innovation, tailor made concepts, technical support and assistance.