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Trends represent a source of inspiration for innovations and a challenge in developing new products. Natural, clean label, premium, healthy, wellness, modern, convenience, traditional, ethical, are all key trends in the food industry, which can influence the success of the product.

For this reason, we study innovations, the global market and trends, come up with ideas and solutions adapted to the trends on the local market and create success-oriented concepts.


BIO is not just a niche anymore. Are you looking for solutions for the development of BIO products? LOGICally!, you will find them in our portfolio: from ingredients for bakery, pastry, confectionery, to fruit fillings and soft drinks.

Our “BIO? LOGIC!” concept thus offers you the possibility to join the BIO-producers community. 

Natural / Clean Label / Traditional

The orientation towards natural and clean label products is one of the strongest trends, which is why we have created concepts aligned with the requirements. We are all consumers, we want good-quality, fresh, tasty, original and healthy products, whether we are talking about bread, cakes, ice cream, dairy products or soft drinks.

We have the solutions for all these concepts, as well as for many others, all while being able to adapt and customize them. Together with our team of specialists you can take your product range to a new level.


Sugar Free products are a must-have in the portfolio of any manufacturer in any field of the food industry, under the impact of the pressure to reduce sugar consumption and the changing of the European legislation.

For this reason, we have created concepts for light products, which only contain natural sweeteners, for several areas of the food industry: ice cream, confectionery, soft drinks.

High Protein

The growth of the fitness trend has given rise to the demand for “High Protein” products. Characterized by a high protein content, as well as a low sugar and calorie content, they are approved by both active people and those concerned with a healthy diet and life. Create your own High Protein range with Expertarom.


Veganism is a niche that is constantly expanding, and vegan products can bring added value to customers. It is suitable both for people who follow a vegan lifestyle and for those with lactose intolerance.

With 25 years of experience on the Romanian market and with a team that’s always up to date with the latest trends and brand-new products, we are ready to offer you the most suitable solutions for your projects.

And that’s not all: workshops and new concepts permanently await you at the Expertarom Competence Center. Any innovation must consider global and local trends in the food industry, and we are ready to create successful products together with you. For more details and trends, contact us.