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How are we innovating for you:

Trend Monitoring

Is the first necessary step, for the process of innovative product and recipe creation.

We are always upto date on the newest products, technolgies and global trends from the food industry, that we are able to adapt to any market. In order to innovate, we have to be aware of consumer preferences that are imperative for creation of successful concepts.

R&D Labs

Our Research and Development labs are constantly developing the best products and personalized recipes, created to fit the needs of each and every client. We value your time that is why we are willing to innovate on your behalf via our professionals in the field of food industry.

At Expertarom Food Ingredients, we have the necessary competences and are always ready to innovate for you, offering the best products, recipes and solutions.

Quality Control

All that we innovate, undergoes a carefull verification and validation process, this is done in our Quality Control department. This way we can be sure that we always deliver only the highest quality products. Once tested, all that remains is for you to meet your innovative product!

Own Microbiology Lab

Moreover, in order to make sure that the product meets the strictest microbiological standards, we have created our own accredited microbiology lab. Any product that comes out is carefully tested and only if it is according to standards, can it become part of the Expertarom ecosystem.

Applications Labs

After the product has passed all the other steps, our specialists from the application labs come in play. They test the product, develop recipes and preparation methods, prepare samples and offer assistance to put the product into practice on your production line.


The 4 production units that we have, enable us to create a wide range of ingredients, from flavors, compositions and pastes, to fillings fruity and creamy, or powder mixes, all while respecting the strictest norms of food safety, certified by the HACCP standard.