Expertarom Academy

What would you think about a different kind of school? One you’ll eagerly attend, as it is entertaining, engaging and adds value to your business?

A school you’ll happily attend!

A school where we will work together, test, taste, analyze and turn ideas into successful products. We will learn inside new and modern classrooms and work together in our laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art pilot lines.

We are waiting for you with an engaging workshop and course schedule, and with training sessions held by our team of specialists or created in collaboration with experts in every field of the food industry.

Development of new products

We have the necessary competence and we are ready to innovate for you, constantly being up to date with the latest products, technologies and global trends in the food industry.

We know how important time is for you and for this reason we provide you with the training of our professionals in the field as well as a set of application laboratories where we can develop finished product tests, in order to obtain the optimal result for the success of the product.

Specialized trainings

They are the most appreciated elements of the Expertarom Academy.

We carry out such sessions with a personalized theme for the development of personalized products and recipes, for the training of staff in a certain field, or for the presentation of new technologies.

Specialized courses

They are carried out in various fields or on various topics, such as Carpigiani Gelato University or other specific workshops on products, technologies, labeling, sensory analysis, or conservation, these being only a few of the approached themes. We always welcome new students, as well as challenges to develop new courses.

Find out about the next course that interests you or send us your suggestion about what you would like to learn at Expertarom Academy and we will keep you updated on our courses and events.