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Social Responsibility


Sustainability is an important operating criterion of our company.

We are defined by a responsible business system, by means of which we propose a balance between economic and environmental factors. Through the solutions we develop we manage to show the care for our employees, as well as for our community and for our environment.

For the sustainable growth of the company in a responsible way and in order to build a wholesome work environment, we focused on upgrading with new and high-performance equipment, managing to achieve low energy consumption and, at the same time, to facilitate the work of our colleagues in the production department. 

All investments take into account the long-term progress of the company, and to achieve this we focus on internal communication, employee development and the creation of a fair work environment.

The CSR strategy has three main directions, namely Environmental, Educational and Social, in order to promote the positive growth of the community. Because we want to contribute to the healthy evolution of the community, Expertarom Food Ingredients also supports projects in the field of Sports.


Like any modern company, we consider ourselves responsible for protecting the environment, and improving the conditions for future generations. Our strategy is aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment, both internally, by promoting waste reduction and recycling, and globally, by participating in environmental protection programs.

The company’s environmental efforts are also confirmed by the obtained certifications:

  • ECO Certificate no. 0704/2018 for commercializing bio products. For us, bio means more than the community logo or the actual certification. Bio also means quality and conviction regarding how we use the environment and natural resources responsibly. 

  • UTZ Certificate for cocoa and cocoa derivatives (UTZ is a global certification program for the sustainable cultivation and purchase of cocoa, coffee, tea and peanuts).

Education and research

The social responsibility strategy also focuses on education and research. Through our partnership with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Food Industry and Environmental Protection in Sibiu, we can offer students annual internship sessions, thus facilitating their chances of employment within the company. Following these actions and the participation in communication sessions within the faculty, we have become one of the main employers of students in the field in Sibiu.


Among our priorities you can find projects with social value, two programs being constantly carried out with SOS Children’s Village Cisnadie and Red Cross Sibiu.

The “Cu SOS înainte” campaign, carried out in partnership with SOS Children’s Village Cisnădie, consists of holiday donations and the offering of cakes for the anniversaries of institutionalized children.

The partnership with Red Cross Sibiu consists in offering bakery, pastry and confectionery products to their beneficiaries. The CSR initiatives carried out by us are done so with the direct involvement of the company’s employees, thus becoming ambassadors of the organizational values we promote.


In addition to the projects mentioned above, the company is also involved in sports, an example in this regard being the Sibiu Cycling Tour project, which we supported at the 2019 edition.

In addition to supporting the organizers of the event, we also offered the traditional yellow jersey to the winner of the first stage, Justin Paroz.