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Innovation and global trends in the food industry

Trends represent a source of inspiration for innovation as well as a challenge for new product development. Natural, clean label, premium, healthy, wellness, modern, convenience, traditional, ethical, are key trends in the food industry, that can influence the success of a product.

This is why we monitor the market as well as global trends, come up with ideas and solutions adapted to the market needs. Our Amphitheater, with over 100 seats, makes up a meeting center for the food industry, where we present innovations, trends, new products and modern production techniques.

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When: 15 – 17 March 2021 (Monday to Wednesday)

Timetable: from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (Central European Time -CET)

Where: SIGEP EXP will be a live event— the Digital Experience, an irreplaceable and decisive moment of encounter among traders.

Upcoming events: Product and innovative ideas presentation

We have gathered the components that give the most important qualities to an ice cream, specifically tailored for ice cream producers.

Premium, clasic, sorbet or mousse? A new taste or a different texture? A wide range of innovative products, with fruit preparations in the ice cream, or maybe a range of diet or functional products? No problem! Together, we find  solutions that fir your needs, technological process or desired market.

Our experts are prepared to create and develop products, from idea to showcase. We study the market and trends, come up with ideas and solutions, prepare ice cream samples on our pilot line, organize workshops and tasting sessions, offer assistance for recipe implementation, in other words work with you for the success of your product.